Club crab has a mascot, McKot! Thank you, Atti!


Club★Crab storenvy updated with 2014 leftover con stock: Buttons only $2 and keychains are $3! There’s only one left of each of these items, so get ‘em before they’re gone. Thanks for all your support!

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Club Crab book! (long ver.) Love you guys! Thanks for being so awesome and creating so much art together. Let’s make 2015 an art-filled year, too! \(>w<)/ ★

Sold out of the last of Anna/tuesday-cat and Julia/sketchuli's Card Captor Sakura buttons! Thanks for visiting our Club★Crab shop + huli.storenvy!

Tama’s crazy cute copies of a Club Crab started by Bianka last week!

The stunning result of Amber's first watercolor attempt @ Club Crab!

ABE AND THE ANTS - drawn and inked by Anna / tuesday-cat​ , Mimi, and Atti / appleatti​ . Painted by Mimi - first time using watercolors in 100 years!


Happy birthday Jasmin! (Featuring our nameless, sweatless hero from this comic drawn by me, Atti and Jasmin.) Also Inktober day 10!

Moomins and creatures drawn by Anna, Atti and Tama, sometime before the summer

The second of many collaborative comics to come out of Club Crab’s 10/05/14 meet. I’ll be posting these slowly.

Panel 1: Bunny / butterbeanbun
Panel 2: Bianka / littlemarzipan 
Panel 3: Amber / arenofius
Panel 4: Anna / tuesday-cat
Panel 5: Atti / appleatti