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Daily Comic #7: Portraits of Three Children

Drawn for Club Crab.



Daily “Comic” #4: COPY CRAB! I miss Club Crab, so I copied a copy crab Anna and Mimi did (click here). You can also click the image above for bigger size.

Since this was a copy of a club crab copy crab thingy, I’m reblogging it to Club Crab! Yeah!

Pokemon sticker WIPs from recent times and ages ago. By tuesday-cat, gumdropghost and maybe allrightpart2, I think? Ain’t those grimers grand? Other finished Pokemon stickers are up for sale on our Club★Crab storenvy!

Rachel’s prompt: Sho(t/p) + Melody + Banana

9.9.2014 Club Crab blind prompt game, top art by Anna, bottom bananas by Mimi.

Raindrop Bathtub Fern

9.9.2014 Club Crab, blind prompt game. Top art’s by Anna, bottom Barcelona is by Mimi. Done on watercolor paper, so these could even be painted someday, someday.


—Club Crab 9.24-25.2014 Meet // Schnekk + Mimi


Click the image for full size.

This is a reference image for a bizarre random silly character I came up with at Club Crab one time. There are quite a few comics about various Club Crab members have drawn featuring these characters—I’d like to link to them below, but first, here’s the text from the image:


Brush & Dana are “dragonjoined” twins, born from a dragon mother and a human father. They work in an office together. Dana is the boss in hte office, but Brush is a more base-level employee. 
Their dragon-magic power is that their movements generate money—bills, coins, & seashells.
C.L. doesn’t work at the office, but he drops by a lot to chat. He’s a ghost. No one knows what C.L.’s name stands for. He’s kind of an irresponsible young ghost, and doesn’t have consistent work. He brings tea to the office sometimes, though.
Necktie is Brush’s pet snake.


Brush and Co. Comics:

First drawing of Brush and Co., by Atti
Brush and C.L. by Anna
First Brush and Co. comic by Atti, Anna, Haeun, and Miguel
Drawing of Brush and Co. by Haeun
Brush and Co. comic by Atti, Anna, Tamayo, Haeun, and Tony
Brush and Co. “backwards drawn” comic by Anna and Mimi
Another Brush and Co. “backwards drawn” comic by Anna and Mimi


things from the beach

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Candy crab (Hoplophrys oatesi)

The candy crab is a very colourful crab that grows from 1.5 to 2 cm. It lives on various species of soft coral in the Dendronephthya genus. It camouflages itself by mimicing the colours of the polyps among which it hides. It adds further camouflage by attaching polyps to its carapace. Colours vary depending on the colour of the coral, and may be white, pink, yellow or red. This crab is widespread in the Indo-Pacific and it feeds on plankton. photo credits: digimuse, Brian Maye, divemecressi

Here’s another awesome crab for my list of crabs to draw! -Atti

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